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Every child should be prepared for success in life. What are you doing to help prepare your child?


Share information and resources with fellow parents and community members about school performance.


we do


Seek answers to important questions and empower parents to be an active voice for their child's education.


Collaborate with organizations and community leaders to ensure parent voices are heard.


“Parents should always feel that they have a voice in their children’s education.” 

Monica Love, Founding Member


We believe that great things happen when families and schools work together. Rise Up wants to empower parents to engage with schools. This guide is designed to help create authentic, meaningful and effective partnerships between families and schools to support the success of students. In this guide, you will find various ways to become more involved in your student’s education, including ways to help your student succeed and how to be an effective advocate. 


Opportunity 180 believes in the power of engaged parents and is inspired by the parents of Rise Up Nevada and their commitment to creating great educational outcomes for their children.

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